Contributions of Comte to the Development of Sociology As a Science

  1. Comte gave to 'sociology' its name and laid its foundation so that it could develop into an independent and separate science.
  2. Comte's insistence on positive approach, objectivity and scientific attitude contributed to the progress of social sciences in general.
  3. Comte, through his "Law of Three Stages" clearly establish the close association between intellectual evolution and social progress.
  4. Comte, through classification of sciences drives home the fact that sociology depends heavily on the achievements of other sciences. The 'interdisciplinary approach' of the modern times is in tune with the Comtean view.
  5. Comte gave maximum importance to the scientific method. He criticised the attitude of the armchair social philosophers and stressed the need to follow the method of science.
  6. Comte divided the study of sociology into two broad areas: "social statics" and "social dynamics". Present day sociologists have retained them in the form of 'social structure and function' and 'social change and progress'.
  7. Comte upheld the 'moral order' in the society. The importance which he attached to morality highly impressed the later writers such as Arnold Toynbee and Pitirim A. Sorokin.
  8. Comte also contributed to the development of theoretical sociology.
  9. Comte had argued that sociology was not just a "pure" science, but an "applied" science also. He believed that sociology should help so solve the problems of society. This insistence on the practical aspect of sociology led to the development of various applied fields of sociology such as "social work", "social welfare".
  10. Comte's famous books (i) 'Positive Philosophy' [in six volumes] and, (ii) "Positive Polity" [in four volumes] are a memorable contributions to the development of sociological literature.


GOSPEL said...

This is very educating and i now know more about sociology

Thomas Mensah said...

I am Mensah yaw Thomas,a Ghanaian studying sociology at osmania university,India.I vote Auguste comte the genius of the discipline,"sociology".though society existed before he was born,he championed the basics and classified the behavior of people a science out of philosophy which other social scientists such as max Webber,Karl max,ibn among others emerged with diversed visions such as capitalism,communism etc to make the study a complete discipline which you and I are also contributing today.however,skeptics must know that coming out with new theories in sociology does not make one a father over it.the right father is auguste comte.

sheila odhiambo;kenya said...

comte intergrated my thinking towards social paradigms.makes me understand philosophy better.he is the best

Samuel Moikoyo said...

Samwel moikoyo, this is just what i want.

Igu Nangbia said...


Unknown said...

He is indeed a scholar, his view of altruism and the law of three stages" gives dynamic approach to my view towards the study of sociology

Marsha said...

Very educative ; tanx

jude maduka said...

Auguste Comte is undoubtedly the father of sociology by the most reasonable standards one can imagine.

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